The start of something new…

So it’s a new year and I have decided to make the most of every day in 2013. It’s going to be hard but it will get me somewhere. I have a few New Year’s Resolution’s to help me accomplish this:

1) Don’t worry about the little things 

Don’t spend ages worrying and replaying things you wish you’d have done or you wish you hadn’t done. Instead just take a moment to ask yourself ‘What’s the point?’. Don’t stress over insignificant things that really in a few days will be forgotten about. Just enjoy the good times and forget the ones you wish hadn’t happened and learn from it. I tell myself this every time i come out of an exam or audition because as long as you’ve tried you very best then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!

2) Always look on the bright side of life…

Cheesy caption, I know. There’s no point in being pessimistic. Trust me, it gets you absolutely nowhere. If it did – well then, the world would be a better place. If you look at the positive side to things then it can do you no harm and you’ve absolutely nothing to lose! You really don’t need the extra weight on your shoulders as it makes it harder to enjoy life!

3) Enjoy the present

Don’t stop yourself and think about what’s happening in a week or month’s time because especially if it’s something you’re not looking forward to, it will stop you from enjoying what’s going on right now!

4) Be loads more organised

Ask yourself honestly ‘Am I always ready?’ ‘Do I always know what I need to do?’ ‘Am I organised enough?’. I bet that the majority of you said no to all 3 of those.  Well, start now! Keep a diary of what you’re doing so you can just look and see if you’re busy. Carry it around with you so you know exactly what’s going on. Tidy your room – it feels great afterwards. You’ll feel fab and it’ll help keep you tonnes more organised. Keep on top of it as well so when it starts to get messy just spend a few minutes tidying it so you don’t get to the point where it’s so messy you can’t see your carpet!

5) Be the best version of you!

This one doesn’t need explaining. Let it take you where you want it to.

I’d love to hear your resolution’s or if you’re going to try any of mine! I’ll keep you updated with how I’m doing! 

be the best version of you


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